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Glenn Kikel

My name is Glenn Kikel and I have had the honor of representing Standard Process for 20 years here in the state of Texas.  I began with Standard Process in Dallas in 1996, and moved to Austin in 1998.  My dream was to set up a conference centre where we could train doctors in nutritional and herbal therapies.  That dream was realized when Dr. Eugene Gold of San Antonio gifted me in 2007 with the funds needed to put a down payment on The Austin Centre.  Since 2008 we have held over 100 nutritional seminars at this location, and we have rented the facility to many like-minded holistic groups.  I love promoting the spirit of community.  I spend my days speaking with practitioners from El Paso to Galveston, and from Killeen to Brownsville about these amazing nutritional and herbal tools, both on the phone and in their offices.  It is hard to imagine a more satisfying and rewarding profession.  Join us for a seminar or request a tour from one of terrific team members. 

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South Houston, College Station, & Oversees all areas

Charlotte Kikel

Hi, my name is Charlotte Kikel. I am a wife, mother, herbalist, nutritionist, self-care advocate, teacher, nature lover, and former asthmatic. In 2002, my vitality collapsed. I ended in the emergency room, wondering how did I get here? I realized that I had been using food and exercise as drugs. I had been planning my meals around what I was going to eat for dessert and then I would try to "exercise it off." I now know that you can't outrun your fork! I decided to go back to school to study massage therapy and nutrition. In 2004, I completed a 2-year certificate program at Bauman College in Santa Cruz, California, and am now recognized as a Board Certified Holistic Nutritionist by the National Association of Nutrition Professionals. I was healing slowly from years of antibiotics, steroids, antihistamines, and poor dietary and lifestyle choices. I continued my studies in Laurel, Maryland at the Maryland University of Integrative Health (formerly the Tai Sophia Institute) where I received a Masters of Science in Western Herbal Medicine in 2008. I studied and continue to study with the best herbalists in the world. While pursuing my degree in herbal medicine, I discovered Standard Process & MediHerb. These supplements positively impacted my health within weeks. I had spent years taking top-of-the-line supplements, but it wasn't until I started using whole food nutrients that I began to reclaim my vitality. These products had my attention. I started to feel fully alive! Now, I live in Austin, Texas with my husband Glenn Kikel and our son Drake, so thankful for my family and this work. It is an honor to teach health professionals how to use these tools. Please let me know how I can serve you. You can visit my website and follow me on social media for daily inspirations. I look forward to meeting you!



Hello! My name is Cathy Harvey, ACN and I am the Associate Rep for Standard Process of Central Texas in the Austin area. My life-long interest in helping others feel healthier and more vibrant first led me to own Curves for Women, a boutique fitness center.  

In 2010, I was blessed with a career of helping health care practitioners build their nutrition practices using whole food nutrition and herbal medicine. I am particularly passionate about the 21-Day Purification because it dramatically improved my health. I currently commit myself to the 21-day at least twice a year.


The most rewarding part of my job is helping practitioners become more successful than they ever imagined, and seeing the lasting impact that nutrition has on their patients' health!

Phone: 512-633-2105

Austin, Round Rock, Georgetown, Cedar Park

Craig Jaroski, CJ

Hello Everyone! My name is Craig Jaroski but I go by CJ. I am the Associate Rep at Standard Process of Central Texas in the San Antonio area. My health journey started at age 28 when my diet consisted of breakfast cereal, burgers and Haagen-Dazs. As a bachelor it landed me in the ER due to a severe case of vertigo. Upon being discharged I asked the doctor what caused this bizarre and debilitating condition. His reply left me stunned in that the medical field really didn’t know what caused it. His response caused me to search for the nearest health food store. Purchased several books by Dr. N.W. Walker…Colon Health, Vibrant Health, Become Younger, Fresh Vegetable & Fruit Juices, what’s missing in your Body? and the Vegetarian Guide to Diet & Salad. Read them all.

My health journey began…started a series of colonics administered by a local Naturopath, purchased a Norwalk Hydraulic Press Juicer and started a juicing regimen. The Beet goes on…learned about sprouting grains through Ann Wigmore while receiving chiropractic care. In 1995, I was introduced to a preventive health care practitioner who introduced me to muscle testing, acupuncture and Standard Process for an overworked and tired gallbladder and liver. Nutrition works! Haven’t been back to the hospital nor taken any meds in all these years. It has been an amazing journey. I hope you understand why I love and am passionate about what I do. Working with this team gives me the opportunity to educate and serve others, so they too can take responsibility for their own journey of health. I can’t add years to their lives, but I can add life to their years.

Phone: 210-871-0150


San Antonio, Corpus Christi, Victoria, Fredericksburg, McAllen, Brownsville


Hi, my name is Amanda Sabatini and I was born in a small town in the  Midwest but grew up on the West Coast. After 14yrs in California my family and I decided to move to southern Louisiana were I graduated  from Louisiana Tech University with a degree in Business Administration. Missing the sunshine and beach, I moved to the sunny state of Florida after college. Although I enjoyed  the beautiful weather and beaches for 6yrs my life journey brought me to Austin, TX. Over the past 12 years I have managed several different offices for large corporations, start-ups and small businesses. My passion in life has always been with fitness, sports, health and helping people. So in 2015 I competed in a fitness competition here in Austin, TX. While performing well and placing 2nd, soon after the competition I became very ill. Searching for a diagnosis and answers from several different medical doctors and hospitals, no one could figure out why I was sick. Six months later I was introduced to Standard Process supplements and believe that they saved my life and I never leave home with out them.  I am happy and blessed to be working as the Office Manager of The Austin Centre and supporting the Standard Process of Central Texas Team.


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