August 13

Herbalist, Charlotte Kikel


Herbs! Herbs and more Herbs! Join Master Herbalist, Charlotte Kikel on Thursday, August 13th as she discusses her "Top 10 favorite MediHerb products". She will provide you with protocols and natural solutions to support your patients overall health.  

August 20

Dr. John Sullivan


Local practitioner, Dr. John Sullivan will be teaching about the importance of a strong immune system, how to support it with nutrition and how to improve your patients overall health.

August 27

Dr. Annette Schippel


Sleep issues affect millions of people daily.  The solution often times includes addictive and dangerous medication.  It can range from insomnia, disrupted sleep through-out the night to poor sleep quality.  The consequences of poor sleep can affect blood sugar, immune system, brain health and overall health.  Join Dr. Annette Schippel to learn more about how to break down the various sleep issues and what we can do to improve sleep for our patients!

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